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16 Oct 2018

Workshop on the Use of Data Analytics Skills for Business and Economic Research
By Dr. CHEN Ting, Hong Kong Baptist University


21 Apr 2017

HKBU Workshop on Experimental Economics

  • "Experiments with Real World Social Networks" - presented by Prof. Tanya ROSENBLAT, University of Michigan
  • "Family Background, After-School Tutoring, and Student Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Rural China" - presented by Dr. Hongliang ZHANG, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • "An Experimental Study of the Competitive Saving Motive" - presented by Prof. Binglin GONG, East China Normal University
  • "Pro-Social Compliance in P2P Lending: a Field Experiment" - presented by Prof. Lingfang LI, Fudan University
  • "Peer Effects and Risky Decision-making under Competition" - presented by Prof. Fanzheng YANG, Central University of Finance and Economics
  • "Lying in a Foreign Language" - presented by Prof. Yang YANG, Sun Yat-sen University
29 Nov 2016 Workshop on Labor Economics
  • "Trade Liberalization and Child Labor in China" - presented by Prof. Zhong ZHAO, Renmin University of China
  • "Social Norms and Female Labor Force Participation in Urban China" - presented by Prof. Suqin GE, Virginia Tech
26 Feb 2016

Workshop on Productivity Analysis

  • "Drivers of Bank Efficiency: Support for Agency Theory as Evidenced by Family of Model Specifications"

    presented by Ms. Natalya Zelenyuk, School of Business, University of Queensland

  • "Marketization and Sources of Labour Productivity Growth in China"

    presented by Dr. Kanghua Cao, Department of Economics, School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • "Nonparametric Least Squares Methods for Stochastic Frontier Models"

    presented by Dr. Valentin Zelenyuk, School of Economics and Director of Centre for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, University of Queensland