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Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) – Applied Economics Concentration

We offered a concentration in Applied Economics because we consider that a sound training in economics informs business decisions with a particularly useful perspective.

By integrating fundamental economic theory with the quantitative tools necessary for its application, the concentration equips students with the ability to analyse business problems and propose actionable recommendations to solve them. The programme also puts a focus on economic issues facing Hong Kong, Mainland China and the rest of the world.

Our graduates typically work in positions requiring business and economic forecasting or empirical research and analysis on the impact of government policies, as well as on various industries and services. The programme also prepares students for graduate study.

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Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) – China Studies (Economics Concentration)

To truly grasp the emergence of China as the world’s most dynamic economy and its intricate relationship with Hong Kong, a deep understanding of the PRC’s economic institutions and policies is necessary.

By selecting the economics concentration in China studies, students will 1) acquire fundamental knowledge about various aspects of China, 2) receive a sound training in economic theories and analytical skills relevant to analyse the Chinese economy and 3) develop a firm grasp of China’s continuing economic reforms and development.

Upon the completion of the programme, graduates will be uniquely positioned to complete for China-related jobs. Graduates will also have the background to pursue a higher degree in either economics or other fields related to China.

One unique feature of the programme is the summer sojourn in China. During the summer at the end of the third year, all students of the programme are invited to spend one month at the renowned Tsinghua University in Beijing, where they will attend seminars on topics with reference to the political economy, sociology, history and geography of China.

In addition to learning Putonghua, students will also have the opportunity to visit factories, companies and government offices thus gaining first-hand exposure to the realities of doing business in China.

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Master of Science in Data Analytics and Business Economics
(Subject to Senate approval in mid-Feb 2019)

The rapid technological progress has dramatically altered the business landscape and the job markets. A lot more companies are strategically searching for analytics-enabled people with business economics knowledge as well as statistical and programming skills for providing business insights and responding to changes in intellectual property policy, and competition and regulatory policies.

The Master of Science in Data Analytics and Business Economics is thoughtfully designed to serve the increasing demand for talents in the area of data analytics and business economics in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. It is a one-year full-time programme that provides students with solid training in business economic analysis and data analytics. Students who are interested in becoming competent analytics-enabled professionals and proficient data strategists are welcome to apply.

The programme is also in line with the University’s 10-year Institutional Strategic Plan for 2018-28, which has identified “data analytics and artificial intelligence” as one of the research clusters for development.

Master of Science in Applied Economics

The MSc in Applied Economics is a one-year full-time programme that equips students with economics knowledge to analyze the changing world economy.

The programme integrates economic theory with applied economic analysis, and will enable students to understand the economy of China and the world. The curriculum is designed to provide students the flexibility of choosing electives for pursuing career in applied economics or future research-oriented studies. Graduates will be equipped with analytical skills and techniques for analyzing business and real world problems from the economic perspective. Outstanding students are offered scholarships and merit-based awards.

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MPhil and PhD in Economics

As both the MPhil and PhD are research-oriented, students will need to:

  • Complete a pre-approved programme of supervised research;
  • Submit a written thesis that demonstrates a deep intellectual mastery of the candidate’s field of study, supported by a detailed summary of the student’s research undertakings and findings;<
  • Satisfy the Board of Examiners, through an oral examination, (and any other examination deemed necessary), on matters relevant to the thesis; and
  • Comply with supervision, attendance and coursework requirements as detailed by the School

Fields of study include: Chinese Economy; Hong Kong Economy; International trade Trade and Finance, Economic Growth and Development; Labour Economics; Industrial Economics; Financial Economics; Mathematical Economics; Public Finance; Health Economics; and Applied Econometrics.