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Homecoming Dinner 2016

Economics Homecoming Dinner

Over 250 alumni joined the Homecoming Dinner organized by the Department of Economics at the Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre for HKBU’s 60th Anniversary Celebration on 19 November 2016.

Speaking at the opening remarks, Dr. Cheng Yuk-shing, Head of Department, thanked the alumni for their support to the alma mater and mentoring of students over the years. Dr. Ignatius So, 1982 ECON graduate and President of the Economics Alumni Association, highlighted recent activities organized by the Association and expressed his enthusiasm to strengthen the alumni network in the future.

Photos of school life in different eras were displayed in music videos and alumni of various generations shared their unforgettable moments in their college days.  Sharing alumni included Mr. Tim Chan (ECON, 1986), Mr. Francis Shiu (China Studies–ECON, 1992), Mr. Dickson Tam (MPHIL-ECON, 2001), Ms. Zoe Lau (BBA-APECON, 2013) and Mr. John Lo (China Studies-ECON, 2013).  Dr. Li Sung-ko, who was the Chairman of the Economics Student Society during 1982-83 and is now a faculty member of the Department, gave the final sharing by contrasting the school life at HKBU in various episodes.

The Dinner ended in a warm atmosphere, with many alumni wishing for another reunion activity.

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