Department of Economics

Head's Message

Head's Message

The HKBU Department of Economics provides a strong and vibrant environment for both research and studying, and focuses on successes for our students, alumni, and faculty.

Over the past years, we took substantive active steps to align students’ learning experience with in-demand competencies and skills. Undergraduates earn BBA (Hons) degree in the Economics and Data Analytics concentration. Postgraduate students can choose between MSc in Applied Economics and MSc Data Analytics and Business Economics. Their formal quantitative and data-analytical training gives them an edge in real business world and public policy contexts and serves as a direct stepping stone towards employment in data- or analytics-driven businesses, non-profits organizations, and government institutions.

We have a young and active faculty whose work spans from digital economy, labor economics, political economy to financial economics. We strive for taking interdisciplinary research that blends the knowledge at the research frontier from various fields.

If you are interested in joining us as students, active alumnus or faculty members, please contact us!

Dr. Monique Shui-Ki Wan
Head and Associate Professor, Department of Economics
School of Business
Hong Kong Baptist University