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Associate Professor, Department of Economics

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Economics of Education, Family and Demographic Economics, Urban Economics

  • Wu, J., Wei, X., Zhang, H., & Zhou, X. (2019). Elite schools, magnet classes, and academic performances: Regression-discontinuity evidence from China. China Economic Review, 55, 143-167.
  • Cheng, Y. S., & Zhang, H. (2018). The labor market effects of immigration on natives: Evidence from Hong Kong. China Economic Review, 51, 257-270.
  • Li, B., & Zhang, H. (2017). Does population control lead to better child quality? Evidence from China's one-child policy enforcement. Journal of Comparative Economics, 45(2), 246-260.
  • Zhang, H. (2016). The Role of Testing Noise in the Estimation of Achievement-based Peer Effects. Economics of Education Review, 54, 113-123.
  • Zhang, H. (2016). Identification of Treatment Effects under Imperfect Matching with an Application to Chinese Elite Schools. Journal of Public Economics, 142, 56-82.
  • Zhang, H., Zhang, H., & Zhang, J. (2015). Demographic Age Structure and Economic Development: Evidence from Chinese Provinces. Journal of Comparative Economics, 43(1), 170-185.
  • Hsu, W., & Zhang, H. (2014). The Fundamental Law of Highway Congestion Revisited: Evidence from National Expressways in Japan. Journal of Urban Economics, 81, 65-76.
  • Zhang, H., Behrman, Jere R., Fan, C., Wei, X., & Zhang, J. (2014). Does Parental Absence Reduce Cognitive Achievements? Evidence from Rural China. Journal of Development Economics, 111, 181-195.
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