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Associate Professor, Department of Economics

Associate Director, Centre for Business Analytics and the Digital Economy

Research Interests

Political Economy, Economic History, Development Economics

  • Mattingly, D., & Chen, T. (in press). The Missionary Roots of Nationalism: Evidence from China. The Journal of Politics.
  • Chen, T., & Kung, J. (in press). War shocks, migration, and historical spatial development in China. Regional Science & Urban Economics, 103718.
  • Chen, T., Kung, J. K., & Ma, C. (2020). Long Live Keju! The Persistent Effects of China's Civil Examination System. Economic Journal, 130(631), 2030-2064.
  • Chen, T., Gao, Z., He, J., Jiang, W., & Xiong, W. (2019). Daily Price Limits and Destructive Market Behavior. Journal of Econometrics, 208(1), 249-264.
  • Chen, T., & Kung, J. (2019). Busting the "Princelings": The Campaign Against Corruption in China's Primary Land Market. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 134(1), 185-226.
  • Chen, T., & Kung, J. K. (2016). Do Land Revenue Winfalls Create A Political Resource Curse? Evidence from China. Journal of Development Economics, 123, 86-106.
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